Together we grow

Together we grow

Created and inspired by the love of three generations

Made by hand with love, we craft exceptionally high-quality clothes for little ones that are stylish, smart and most importantly take care of the planet where our children live. Inspired by the timeless bond of love in our family, everything we do is designed to last. The styles can be passed down from one little one to the next and adjusted to fit regardless of how fast our little one's grow.

Our Story

It all began with the arrival of my granddaughter, Soren. My daughter, Sommer, often shared ideas of ways to enhance clothing designs for
Soren. She liked the style of one garment, the embellishment of another, and the functionality of another. Being an avid shopper, Sommer often found it hard to snag the 'perfect' outfits.

I decided to dust off my sewing skills. Together, we dove into creating unique garments that blended style, function, quality and just a touch of uniqueness. Dressing Soren in these handmade ensembles became the highlight of our day, especially in Honolulu with its beaches and stunning landscapes offering endless photo ops.

Our creations brought a touch of magic to day trips, mom-and-tot classes, and play dates. The compliments from other moms and the sheer joy captured in tons of photos was our little badge of shared passion.

And you know what these moments did?  They sparked this crazy idea to share our creations with everyone. We pictured others feeling the same joy and creating their own moments of happiness through the very garments we poured our hearts into.

So here we are. At Somi Threads, our story isn’t just about clothing, it’s about weaving joy, memories, and a
personal touch into every stitch. Join us on this heartfelt journey, where every outfit is a thread in our story waiting to become a part of yours.