Fashion and function

Lovingly made with Mimi's care and attention!

Say goodbye to mass-produced fashion and indulge your little one in the warmth and love of Mimi's handiwork. Made with the utmost care and highest quality, our fashions bring the unique style and feel of handmade clothing to your little one's wardrobe.

Effortless Dressing

Designed with features that make parent’s lives easier.

  • Back enclosures allow dressing from the front
  • Large neck openings are more comfortable for over-the-head dressing
  • Wide pants are easy to pull on
  • Waist adjusters provide a just-right fit
  • Bodice straps have buttoning optons for the best fit
  • Crotch snaps help with easy access for changing
  • Larger buttons and snaps built into the style are easier to use
  • All clothing meets Consumer Product Safety Commission safety requirements

Timeless Design

Fun fabric combinations and timeless styles add fashion to your little one’s daily activities.

Compliments are guaranteed!

Design Features

  • Limited supply of each item gives your little one a unique look
  • Mix and match options offer versatility
  • Designs stay in style over time
  • Garment construction is finished not only on the outside, but also the inside

Sustainable Practices

The fashions are handmade with attention to the detailing that enhances the length of wear, even across generations.

The clothing and textile industry is the second top contributor to environmental pollution. Therefore, we encourage you to support the environment by investing in clothing that lasts a long time.

  • Detailing in the clothing construction enhances length of wear for future generations or as an heirloom
  • Clothing made to order maximizes the use of fabric and materials avoiding waste
  • Cotton fabrics offer easy care to maintain their look after numerous washings
  • Design features create sizing flexibility
  • Fashions are hand cut to maximize fabric use and minimize waste
  • Small fabric pieces are used to create smaller items, like bows
  • Fabrics are prewashed in plant-based laundry detergents
  • All thread and fabric scraps are sent to which is a company that keeps 90% of clothing and fabrics out of landfills
  • Purchases arrive in a reusable magnetic-enclosure gift box
  • Samples and irregulars are donated to a nonprofit prenatal and post-partum health care program. Women can select baby/toddler supplies and clothng for completing care and education